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Bad Credit Loans – Loans for people with bad credit – Online Payday Loans


Bad Credit Loans for people with bad credit. Guide to bad credit payday loans. Information about payday loans here


Bad Credit Loans Today.


Welcome, the site for Bad Credit Loans. This site designed to lay out all the facts on Loans for people with bad credit so you are more informed and can make an educated decision in your loan search. If you are finding it hard to find a bad credit loan because of your circumstances, do not give up – there may be an option for you….


Loans For People With Bad Credit


Bad credit loans are also referred to as “Poor Credit Loans” or “loans for people with bad credit”. They are all aimed at the same clientele: people with a poor credit rating. Most bad credit loans are secured loans which means that you will have to provide an asset as collateral for the security of your loan. This means that there is a risk involved when you borrow with a bad credit loan. If you default on a bad credit loan you could lose the asset with which you secured the loan.


What is a Bad Credit Loan?


We all have a credit rating, as soon as we take out a credit card, loan or even a mobile phone. Depending on how good we are with paying those bills or repayments will affect our credit rating. If you have had trouble with these, your rating will be less than attractive to loan lenders. A bad credit loans is designed for you.


The bad credit loan broker will search the market on your behalf to find a loan that will meet your needs. They will know which lenders are more likely to accept you even if you are a high-risk borrower.


A range of loan types are available on these – secured or unsecured are both available.


What Do I Need to Watch out for?


So a bad credit loan might step in where you are worried about your poor credit history, but tread with caution:


If you are using your car or home as collateral against your loan, you risk losing it if you are unable to meet repayments. So you may literally have your home taken away from you if you are unable to make the monthly loan payment. Make sure you have considered this and have evaluated how much you can afford to borrow. Not only could you lose a valuable asset but you could end up with an even worse credit rating than you began with!


As with all loans, have a good look around before committing yourself. There are so many brokers available, so it is worth comparing their services.


Payday Loans


Payday loans are short term loans which are designed for people with bad credit. The APR on payday loans is often very high but that is because the lender takes on a higher level of risk when they lend to those with poor credit history. Payday loans can be useful as a short term cash solution when you need some money to tide you over in exceptional circumstances. However payday loans should not be used for any sort of long term borrowing plan. Penalty fees and charges on payday loans can often be very expensive so make sure that you can afford the loan and pay it back on time.


Payday Loans Get an online Payday loan


Payday loans are another easy way to get hold of money when you need it fast. The payday loan company will require you to fill out a quick online application, and with most companies the decision will be made in minutes. Payday loan companies tend to carry out only the most basic of credit checks because they only lens small sums for short periods of time. However, even if you really need money there is no point taking out a payday loan unless you are sure that you can pay back the money on time. If you are not sure that you will be able to repay your debt do not get a payday loan as your financial situation will only be made worse.


What About Credit Checks?


Ok, so you may have been refused loans in the past, thanks to your credit history. With a payday loan this is not a worry – they will not carry out a credit check on you. Why? Because they know that you are more than likely to want to pay back the loan as fast as possible. The usual time is two weeks to a month – the time until your next payday – and because the APR rate is usually very high, it is worth getting the repayment out of the way quickly.


The only requirements with payday loans usually include minimum age and that you are in employment – the minimum monthly wage requirement is changes according to lender but is usually around £300 a month. The final requirement is usually that you live in the UK. Some lenders will need you to have a debit card and a UK bank account, but this varies.


Make sure you have checked the basics: what is the APR rate? What are the requirements? Then check yourself: Will I be able to make the repayment? What happens if I can’t pay?